Episode 1 - Harnessing the Holidays to Raise and Maintain Support


Mentioned in this Podcast:

Giving Tuesday - A growing movement that encourages people to give to non-profits in the U.S. on Tuesday, November 29th, 2016.

Vista Print - For getting prayer cards, custom Christmas cards, and other items printed at an affordable price. 

Mailchimp - An Email campaign product to help maintain and track digital interaction with your supporters. 

For PI USA Mobilization base members, here is an example of a button you can create in MailChimp (or otherwise) that will make it easy for your supporters to donate to your account (feel free to support the Curreys!)

Here's the html code you would need to make your link or button autofill the appropriate fields on the PI giving page:

For your own link, you'll obviously want to change out the names and project code #s. 

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or if you need some help:

Finally, let's hear from you and your experiences as field missionaries trying to raise and maintain support on the field.  Do you have any pointers you could share with the rest of us?  If so, please leave a comment below: