In the Shadow of Terror: Six Things to Pray for Spain Today


In light of the most recent terrorist attack in Barcelona, a Pioneer field worker in Spain is asking for prayer in these areas:

  1. Please pray for a spiritual awakening among the Spanish as they are confronted with the fragility of life that this terrible attack reminds us of. Please pray that the randomness of the victims and the reminder of dangers, attacks, and death might bring people to seek God. Although Barcelona is regarded as an Evangelical hub in Spain, the presence of the gospel is still relatively small. 
  2. Please pray that the families of the victims might be supported and comforted by God through his people
  3. Please pray against the fear that terrorism brings to the church. Please pray that while the Enemy would like to use this to silence the few believers in this part of the world, that God would both protect them from fear and embolden them in their Gospel proclamation as they too respond to this act of terrorism.
  4. Spain is regarded as a higher-risk country than some North African countries but Gospel proclamation is still permitted. Please ask God for our PI people too that we would continue to proclaim the Gospel boldly, with great courage and tact as we engage people on this topic. Please pray that God would protect his message even if his people are in danger. 
  5. Earlier this year hundreds of posters plastered the walls of Barcelona encouraging Muslims to marry “Christian” women in order to strengthen Islam in the area. Barcelona has some of the biggest concentrations of nationalities regarded as Islamic in all of Spain. Please pray for partner organisations working with those people and for the few units we have working with Muslim people in other parts of Spain. 
  6. Please pray God would send more workers to this harvest field where only around 0.6% of the native population confess Jesus as Lord and growing diaspora populations also bring new cultural and religious influence and challenges to certain areas.