Working in Ireland Requires a Long Obedience in the Same Direction

Recently a Pioneer in Ireland likened missions there to the formation of peat fuel.  The Irish landscape is dotted with peat bogs, which provide fuel for the nation’s power stations and domestic heating.  Using carbon dating, scientists say that peat fuel takes millions of years to form—Pioneers there say that the production of spiritual fruit also requires many, many years of loving ministry in the same context.  The Pioneer said, “Ministry is slow here.  You may need to do the same thing for years without seeing any fruit.”  Pray for the Pioneers in Ireland as they persist in a long obedience in the same direction, in hopes of the development of spiritual fruit one day.  


In two different cities in Ireland, God is using the friendships of the Pioneers’ children to set the stage for sharing Christ.  In one city, a son’s friend invited the Pioneer and her son to his home for a playdate.  The friend’s mom is a committed Muslim, but eager to discuss religion.  Pray that her eyes might be opened to the truth about Jesus.  The Pioneer asks for prayer, especially for boldness.  

In another city, a Pioneer encountered a spiritual discussion during his son’s swimming lesson.  Another swim mom voiced an interest in reading the Bible—a great surprise and joy for the Pioneer, as such interest is extremely rare in Ireland, which has an Evangelical population of only 1.3%.  Please pray for this swim mom as she begins reading the Bible with this Pioneer’s wife.  Pray that the eyes of her heart may be opened as she reads the truth for the first time.  

Rejoice with the Pioneers in Western Ireland—where there was once one church, there are now six!  There are now local options for the Irish living in serval communities.  Pray for more workers to join this movement and especially for three communities that remain churchless.