Four Ways to Pray for London Right Now

By a Pioneers In Europe Field Worker

When we think about the need for Christian missionary efforts around the world, the places that usually come to mind are not in the Western world, are not English-speaking, are not major tourist destinations.
And yet, the tragic attacks that took place in London on Westminster Bridge on Wednesday remind us once again of the need for God’s Kingdom to come to even the most familiar and developed locales.
As this violence draws our attention, however briefly, to London, would you join us in praying for this city and for this nation?

  1. Pray that God would comfort and heal the victims and families who are at the forefront of this experience of evil.
  2. Pray that, amidst all of the material wealth and global influence to be found in London, God would reveal to each resident—whether from Britain or abroad—the depth of their spiritual poverty and need for relationship with God in Christ Jesus.
  3. Pray for wisdom for the governing authorities, as they respond to this attack and anticipate the official beginning of Brexit negotiations, that they would navigate these events with a godly sensitivity toward using the UK’s international prominence and relationships to enable this land to continue to be a blessing to Europeans, immigrants, and refugees who are seeking help here.
  4. Pray for our various ministries who are operating in the city, that as they engage with various ethnic communities and asylum-seekers, that their roles as ambassadors for Christ would be effective for bringing the light of the Gospel into the lives and homes of all the peoples of the earth that the Lord has drawn to this place at this time.