Reach out to Austrians with English

Vienna is a beautiful, well developed, wealthy city but is denied the opportunities to hear and respond to the gospel of salvation through Jesus.There has been a religious tradition-bound to political authorities throughout Europe, largely focussed in Vienna, for centuries. This, together with prosperity, economic growth and modern cultural values has eroded trust in, and relevance of Christianity, leading to cynicism and misunderstanding of God’s salvation. It has generated an extremely resistant, sceptical society, ignorant of their need for the salvation offered by Jesus.

We need for churches to be planted and growing and national leaders emerging so that the local church would develop into a healthy, bible-centred, self-sustaining, replicating and national-led church.

But first, we need to make disciples!

We are convinced that although the gospel is unchanging, its presentation needs to be changing to meet people where they’re at. Gone are the days when people will attend a programme presented by the local church. We must connect with people where they are.

In seeking a culturally appropriate way of making contact with people with a view to the sharing of the Good News, we have found English ministry to be the most effective. This is being directed toward children’s, youth and adult-based ministries using English. At the centre of our focus is a recently founded English language centre; a friendly conversation-based English learning centre. We seek to find and take the God-given opportunities to present a Christian World-view to challenge our students to consider their views of the world, mankind and God.

If you’re interested in using English to engage people on eternally significant issues – to win them to Christ – then we’d love to hear from you.

Reach Muslim-Background People in Vienna

Vienna is a melting-pot of cultures, languages, spirituality and people-groups. The Muslim population, currently about 10% of Vienna’s population, is growing fast.

One of the unreached people-groups of Vienna are the Albanian speaking immigrants. Having fled their home due to war or poverty, they hold on to the one thing they have; Islam. We have a small team with big demands; to reach out to these people with God’s love and his call to accept Jesus for salvation. We currently have a couple working specifically with Albanian-speakers who would value more workers.

There are other Muslims, too, with different backgrounds: Immigrants from Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, and the list goes on. What they do have in common, though, is the need to hear the message of Jesus in a way that they can understand and accept.

We’d love those with a heart to reach Muslims to help fill a need here and talk with us about how they could join us. Are you one of them?