Launch Team

Bosnia and Herzegovina Launch Team

In anticipation of a new season of ministry, the  Bosnia Launch Team seeks to mobilize, train, and launch a generation of disciple-makers who will play a vital role in changing the spiritual destiny of a nation. We are praying and thinking about the church in BiH 20 years from now and asking what it will take for the masses to have access to the gospel?  We believe one of the answers is equipping the next generation of disciples and leaders in Bosnia with simple,  sustainable, reproducible, and transferable ministry skills that will result in lasting spiritual fruit.  We seek to launch a new wave of message-bearers that see themselves as incarnational catalysts who work effectively and intentionally to equip the next generation of Bosnian saints for the work of ministry in a way that can multiply many times over,  in cooperation with local churches.

Our vision is to glorify God by helping to catalyze a Bosnian-shaped movement of disciples and churches in BiH, and among all the least-reached peoples of the former Yugoslavia. 

A key component of our strategy is based on discovery-based disciple making movement (DMM) principles as a holistic paradigm for all aspects of ministry.