Smiling Upon the Ismailis

A marginalised and often overlooked Islamic sect, the Shia Ismaili Muslims have their roots in North Africa, the Persian world, and India and are moving into western Europe. They have adopted London as one of their modern heartlands, home to a majority of the 14,000 Ismailis in the UK and featuring one of only 6 worldwide Ismaili centers and also their academic base, the Institute of Ismaili Studies. They have a public presence and well-established community…what they need is the Gospel. Are you being called to join those who have a vision to see the unreached Ismailis encounter the living Christ?

Prevent Missionaries From Being Hacked

Just as it was in the days of Jesus there are those in this world who would do their best to disrupt, undermine and destroy the work of the Gospel. Pioneers must be careful about their online communications.  In an increasingly connected world, it is easy to be exposed or hacked to the detriment of the Gospel. One Pioneers team is dedicated to stopping it.  Headquartered in the UK, they establish IT security for both Pioneers church planters on the field and missionaries from other organizations.

This team seeks an individual to provide administrative, technical and business leadership to the IT team operating in the UK. This individual  would work with the Chief Operating Officer of the Media Departmet to help ensure that the department is financially viable.  This team also needs more team members with specialization in networking, programming, systems integration, security and the help-desk. This is a great opportunity that holds the ropes for so many Pioneers who are laboring for the sake of Christ. Apply here or contact Pioneers with any questions.

Reach Chinese Immigrants in the UK

Join a church-planting team working among Chinese immigrants short- or long-term. Get experience building relationships with Chinese while teaching English to Chinese and other international students, minister to Chinese mothers and their children. Learn to share the Gospel with the Chinese immigrants who are eager to learn about God and facilitate Bible studies for those who are seekers and new believers. You will enjoy this vibrant ministry while living and working in the UK with this team.