Church Planting

Iberia - Church Planter Opportunities

Iberia (Portugal, Spain, and the Basque Country, which spans northern Spain and southern France) is marked by agnosticism, Catholicism, worship of the Virgin Mary, and paganism.  The Iberian Area Leader envisions Pioneers workers coming alongside the existing, local, Evangelical churches in creating and fostering a missional vision amongst the local people, so that the local believers would multiply disciples amongst themselves.  This organic, ground-level approach will last beyond the lifetime of any foreign missionary.  While workers come and go, the fruit of their partnerships with local believers will last, Lord willing, from generation to generation.  

Like a lot of Europe, Iberia lacks the inertia of a local body of Christ that can multiply itself in an impactful way.  Workers who bring energy, prayer, and partnership in the Gospel will also bring with them a light that pierces the darkness.  Churches in Iberia are ready now to receive this kind of humble labor.  Pray with Pioneers and Iberian Evangelicals that the Lord would bless Iberia with those who will be a “partnership in the gospel” and that he “who began a good work in [them] will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:3-6). 

Reach the Poor, Oppressed, and Marginalized Roma People of Albania

Come, share the hope and love of God with the largest marginalized people group in Europe. This relatively new team is actively recruiting new members to join in engaging the poorest of the poor with the physical and spiritual hope of the gospel. Our location offers the perks of a large city and the excitement of a developing country. The ministry focus is church planting among the Roma of Albania, with ministry projects working on community health, children and adult education and possibilities for farming or business as mission. 

Mentor Church Leaders in Slovakia

Are you an experienced worker in ministry and looking how the Lord could use you in missions?  Slovakia may be the answer.  Current and new church leaders are in great need of mentors who have a passion to see churches mobilized for growth, outreach, and missions.  Singles and couples, men and women, can all be used of the Lord to model and encourage leaders to follow Him and make more disciples.  The harvest is plentiful but workers are needed.  

Is the Lord calling you to the harvest in Slovakia?

Church Planting Movement (CPM) - Marseille, France

Pioneers in Europe is praying for two Church Planting (CPM) teams in Marseille in the Southern PACA region of France. There is a need for a dynamic team of culturally and ethnically diverse individuals who will focus on CPM among the Muslim populations in the hard places in and around Marseille. These teams would work within the context of an existing fellowship of French Evangelical churches to reach Muslims for Christ and to see churches begun among these populations. These would include recent immigrants to French of ethnic origin and Muslim background.

These teams will require excellent French and Arabic language/culture skills and/or intensive training. 

Is God calling you to be a light in Marseille, France?

Belgium Bruxelles/Liege - Church Planting Among Muslim Background People

Pioneers in Europe is praying for at least two church planting teams (CPM) to reach out to the Muslim background populations in urban areas.  These teams would work within the context of an existing fellowship of Belgian Evangelical churches to reach Muslims for Christ and to see churches begun among these populations.   

Do you have a vision to see Muslims reached for the Kingdom?  

This will require excellent French and Arabic language/culture skills and/or intensive language training.

Lisbon, Portugal - Discipleship Ministry Opportunities

Jesus last command to His disciples before going back up to heaven was to “go and make disciples of all nations …” (Mt. 28:19-20). Today we rightly view this as Jesus mandate to His church. So if you desire to see those who don’t yet know Jesus come to know Him, and those who do already know Him come to love Him more and obey him more fully, then there are endless opportunities to do this in Portugal. If you have a heart for discipleship, then Portugal needs you. 

You could be involved in discipleship in any number of ways, including in the local churches that are already established, through church planting initiatives, through theological education, or a combination of any or all of these. There are as many opportunities as there are people. 

Church Planting Among Atheists

"Pravda vítězí" - Truth Prevails! The national motto of the Czech Republic comes from the early church Reformer and Czech John Hus.  Yet today, by many measures, the Czech Republic ranks as the most atheist country in the world.  Though the cities and villages boast remarkably beautiful cathedrals and churches, less than 1% of Czech know Jesus as Lord and Savior. This post-protestant, post-catholic nation is need of gospel renewal and a move of God in the planting of new churches across the country.  

Consider joining a team of church planters working with local churches across the country to encourage, equip, and help plant new gospel-centered churches.