Iberia - Church Planter Opportunities

Iberia (Portugal, Spain, and the Basque Country, which spans northern Spain and southern France) is marked by agnosticism, Catholicism, worship of the Virgin Mary, and paganism.  The Iberian Area Leader envisions Pioneers workers coming alongside the existing, local, Evangelical churches in creating and fostering a missional vision amongst the local people, so that the local believers would multiply disciples amongst themselves.  This organic, ground-level approach will last beyond the lifetime of any foreign missionary.  While workers come and go, the fruit of their partnerships with local believers will last, Lord willing, from generation to generation.  

Like a lot of Europe, Iberia lacks the inertia of a local body of Christ that can multiply itself in an impactful way.  Workers who bring energy, prayer, and partnership in the Gospel will also bring with them a light that pierces the darkness.  Churches in Iberia are ready now to receive this kind of humble labor.  Pray with Pioneers and Iberian Evangelicals that the Lord would bless Iberia with those who will be a “partnership in the gospel” and that he “who began a good work in [them] will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:3-6). 

Church Planting Movement (CPM) - Marseille, France

Pioneers in Europe is praying for two Church Planting (CPM) teams in Marseille in the Southern PACA region of France. There is a need for a dynamic team of culturally and ethnically diverse individuals who will focus on CPM among the Muslim populations in the hard places in and around Marseille. These teams would work within the context of an existing fellowship of French Evangelical churches to reach Muslims for Christ and to see churches begun among these populations. These would include recent immigrants to French of ethnic origin and Muslim background.

These teams will require excellent French and Arabic language/culture skills and/or intensive training. 

Is God calling you to be a light in Marseille, France?

Nice, France - ESL or French Literacy Outreach for Muslim Background Peoples

Most people around the world think of Nice as a glamorous beach vacation destination, home to mansions, yachts, and movie stars.  But Nice is also home to a significant Muslim population (France has the largest percentage of Muslims as compared to their total population in the EU). Nice is the second largest French city on the Mediterranean, after Marseilles, which is the most Muslim French city with a 20% Muslim population.  The Joshua Project says that Nice is a “formerly or falsely reached” city.  

Pioneers has a team working with Muslim background peoples in Nice, and they are currently looking for new team members to help them reach out to this community through teaching English and French, as well as initiating friendships and Discovery Bible Studies in the community. 

Street Art in Paris Suburbs

Tilleuls' is the name of the neighborhood. Most everyone here comes from elsewhere - North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Indian Subcontinent... "I come from where I am loved" is a French rap line. Come share the love of Jesus and the hope of reaching His eternal home..."

Do you desire to leverage your God given creativity for the sake of gospel-renewal in France?  If so, consider joining our team. 

Share the Gospel with Catholic Pilgrims

“In my town Mary takes Jesus’ place on the cross.  People come from far and wide to bring honor to her, to ask her for healing, to pray to her.  This is all the locals of this rural town in the mountains know: not Jesus, just millions of Catholic pilgrims from the whole world with their Mary statues, rosaries and holy water.  What should church look like for people who have been completely desensitized to the Gospel?” - PI Missionary in the Southwest of France

Would you prayerfully consider God's call to reach these people with the truth of the gospel?

Engage Cultural Catholics with the Gospel

Once a majority Catholic nation, today only 4.5% of French consider themselves practicing Catholics.  France was the birthplace of the Reform, yet sadly, today less than 1% of the French are Bible believing, Christ followers.  France was also the birthplace of rationalism and boasts of her great philosophers such as Descartes, Rousseau, Voltaire, Comte, Sartre, Foucault, Camus, Derrida, Diderot, Pascal, and many others.

Is God calling you to engage this post-Catholic nation with the hope of the Living Savior Jesus Christ?  If so, prayerfully consider joining one of our teams in France.

Muslim Background Outreach

11% of French are muslims and Islam is the second most practiced religion in France - after atheism (63%).  There have been numerous, and sadly failed, attempts to integrate north african and Arab populations into french society.  Could the answer to France’s desire for integration only be achieved in Jesus, where there is, “no greek, jew, slave or free?”  We are in desperate need for ‘ministers of reconciliation’ who will reconcile muslims first to God and then to others.

Is God leading you to engage this unreached people group? If so, prayerfully consider joining our team.