Iberia - Church Planter Opportunities

Iberia (Portugal, Spain, and the Basque Country, which spans northern Spain and southern France) is marked by agnosticism, Catholicism, worship of the Virgin Mary, and paganism.  The Iberian Area Leader envisions Pioneers workers coming alongside the existing, local, Evangelical churches in creating and fostering a missional vision amongst the local people, so that the local believers would multiply disciples amongst themselves.  This organic, ground-level approach will last beyond the lifetime of any foreign missionary.  While workers come and go, the fruit of their partnerships with local believers will last, Lord willing, from generation to generation.  

Like a lot of Europe, Iberia lacks the inertia of a local body of Christ that can multiply itself in an impactful way.  Workers who bring energy, prayer, and partnership in the Gospel will also bring with them a light that pierces the darkness.  Churches in Iberia are ready now to receive this kind of humble labor.  Pray with Pioneers and Iberian Evangelicals that the Lord would bless Iberia with those who will be a “partnership in the gospel” and that he “who began a good work in [them] will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:3-6).