Church Planting Among Atheists

"Pravda vítězí" - Truth Prevails! The national motto of the Czech Republic comes from the early church Reformer and Czech John Hus.  Yet today, by many measures, the Czech Republic ranks as the most atheist country in the world.  Though the cities and villages boast remarkably beautiful cathedrals and churches, less than 1% of Czech know Jesus as Lord and Savior. This post-protestant, post-catholic nation is need of gospel renewal and a move of God in the planting of new churches across the country.  

Consider joining a team of church planters working with local churches across the country to encourage, equip, and help plant new gospel-centered churches.

Engage Cultural Catholics with the Gospel

Once a majority Catholic nation, today only 4.5% of French consider themselves practicing Catholics.  France was the birthplace of the Reform, yet sadly, today less than 1% of the French are Bible believing, Christ followers.  France was also the birthplace of rationalism and boasts of her great philosophers such as Descartes, Rousseau, Voltaire, Comte, Sartre, Foucault, Camus, Derrida, Diderot, Pascal, and many others.

Is God calling you to engage this post-Catholic nation with the hope of the Living Savior Jesus Christ?  If so, prayerfully consider joining one of our teams in France.

Minister to Atheists in Creative Ways

Europe seems like it has access to the gospel, right? But what if you lived in an area where you were told that your priest is the only person who can understand the Bible. Many people of Poland grow up in church tradition without encountering God’s Word for themselves. That leaves a secular culture of people who identify with a religion but not faith.
Perhaps you would fit well on a team of people using creative ways to reach Poles. They have a need for people who are certified to teach English as a second language, who are gifted in music and art, who love working with youth or are skilled in sports (like BMX and in-line skating, skateboarding, etc.).
Serve on a team with a long-term worker while reaching into two communities with less than 10 known Christians. Contact us to find out more