Church Planting Among Atheists

"Pravda vítězí" - Truth Prevails! The national motto of the Czech Republic comes from the early church Reformer and Czech John Hus.  Yet today, by many measures, the Czech Republic ranks as the most atheist country in the world.  Though the cities and villages boast remarkably beautiful cathedrals and churches, less than 1% of Czech know Jesus as Lord and Savior. This post-protestant, post-catholic nation is need of gospel renewal and a move of God in the planting of new churches across the country.  

Consider joining a team of church planters working with local churches across the country to encourage, equip, and help plant new gospel-centered churches.

Share the Gospel with Catholic Pilgrims

“In my town Mary takes Jesus’ place on the cross.  People come from far and wide to bring honor to her, to ask her for healing, to pray to her.  This is all the locals of this rural town in the mountains know: not Jesus, just millions of Catholic pilgrims from the whole world with their Mary statues, rosaries and holy water.  What should church look like for people who have been completely desensitized to the Gospel?” - PI Missionary in the Southwest of France

Would you prayerfully consider God's call to reach these people with the truth of the gospel?