Muslim Background Outreach

11% of French are muslims and Islam is the second most practiced religion in France - after atheism (63%).  There have been numerous, and sadly failed, attempts to integrate north african and Arab populations into french society.  Could the answer to France’s desire for integration only be achieved in Jesus, where there is, “no greek, jew, slave or free?”  We are in desperate need for ‘ministers of reconciliation’ who will reconcile muslims first to God and then to others.

Is God leading you to engage this unreached people group? If so, prayerfully consider joining our team. 

Prevent Missionaries From Being Hacked

Just as it was in the days of Jesus there are those in this world who would do their best to disrupt, undermine and destroy the work of the Gospel. Pioneers must be careful about their online communications.  In an increasingly connected world, it is easy to be exposed or hacked to the detriment of the Gospel. One Pioneers team is dedicated to stopping it.  Headquartered in the UK, they establish IT security for both Pioneers church planters on the field and missionaries from other organizations.

This team seeks an individual to provide administrative, technical and business leadership to the IT team operating in the UK. This individual  would work with the Chief Operating Officer of the Media Departmet to help ensure that the department is financially viable.  This team also needs more team members with specialization in networking, programming, systems integration, security and the help-desk. This is a great opportunity that holds the ropes for so many Pioneers who are laboring for the sake of Christ. Apply here or contact Pioneers with any questions.

Minister to Atheists in Creative Ways

Europe seems like it has access to the gospel, right? But what if you lived in an area where you were told that your priest is the only person who can understand the Bible. Many people of Poland grow up in church tradition without encountering God’s Word for themselves. That leaves a secular culture of people who identify with a religion but not faith.
Perhaps you would fit well on a team of people using creative ways to reach Poles. They have a need for people who are certified to teach English as a second language, who are gifted in music and art, who love working with youth or are skilled in sports (like BMX and in-line skating, skateboarding, etc.).
Serve on a team with a long-term worker while reaching into two communities with less than 10 known Christians. Contact us to find out more

Educate Missionary Kids

Would you like a little Turkish flavor in your life? Use your teaching skills for six months to help homeschool 3 secondary students. They need help with English, History, and some science and math. Being able to grade high school level compositions is a must. All the while, spend time with a church-planting team while learning Turkish language and culture.

Internship in Chinese Ministry in the UK

Explore your role in the Great Commission while gaining experience in the different aspects of church planting, like evangelism, discipleship, intercessory prayer and discovery Bible studies. In a safe and nurturing environment you will have the opportunity to grow in your spiritual walk and your knowledge and practice of God’s Word in the context of building relationships with Chinese immigrants living in the UK.

Use Art and Media to Advance the Gospel

Your communication and artistic skills could be invaluable to a long-term church-planting team reaching out to Chinese immigrants living in the UK. Help them with photography, video and social media while prayer walking the community and interceding for the Chinese. Interact with Chinese to research how to engage them with the gospel. Technology and media are invaluable tools in outreach efforts, please come to help us develop our materials and prayer resources.

Reach Chinese Immigrants in the UK

Join a church-planting team working among Chinese immigrants short- or long-term. Get experience building relationships with Chinese while teaching English to Chinese and other international students, minister to Chinese mothers and their children. Learn to share the Gospel with the Chinese immigrants who are eager to learn about God and facilitate Bible studies for those who are seekers and new believers. You will enjoy this vibrant ministry while living and working in the UK with this team.